wäre mein Tod, denn dann könnte ich diese Bands nicht mehr hören. die liste wird natürlich bearbeitet, da man ja immer ma was neues kennenlernt!

A : Ärzte, Amon Amarth, A Perfect Circle, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Apocalyptica, Apokalyptischen Reiter, As I lay Dying, armor for sleep, Atreyu, Tori Amos

B: Blind Guardian, Blur, Beatles, Bon Jovi, Billy Talent, Böhse Onkelz, Babyshambles, Bathory, Black Sabbath, Blackmore`s Night, Frances Black, Blink 182, Bullet for my Valentine, Bush, bLACK_iNCK :-), Balmung, Bob n`long, Blindside, but alive, Joan Baez, Breaking Benjamin

C: Cranberries, Caliban, Castle Well, Celtic Frost, Children of Bodom, Alice Cooper, Corvus Corax, Creed, Chiftains, Carpe Diem, Coldplay, the Cure. Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Clawfinger

D: Death in June, Die Happy, Disturbed, Doors, Dream Theater, Dubliners, Duivelspack, Dishwalla, Daughtry

E: Eagles, Einherjer, Evergreen Terrace

F: Fiddler`s Green, Foo Fighters, Faint of Enemy, Farmer Boys, From Autmn to Ashes

G:Godsmack, Good Charlotte, Gotthard, Green Day, Guano Apes, Guns N`Roses,

H: Hammerfall, Hatebreed, Jimi Hendrix, HIM, Holohan Sisters, the Hives; Heaven Shall Burn

I: Iced Earth, In Extremo, Incubus, Inkubus Sukkubus, In Flames, Iron Maiden,

J: J.B.O, Judas Priest, Jimmy Eat World

K: Kiss, Korn, Kreator, Kategorie C, Killswitch Engage

L: Led Zepplin, Luca Turilli, Leonard Cohen, Lacuna Coil, Lacrimas Profundere

M: Metallica, Machine Head, Manowar, Marylin Manson, Me first and the gimme gimmes, Molly Hatched, My Chemical Romance, Mantus; Manivia

N: Nirvana, Nevermore, Nickelback, Nightwish, No Doubt, Nine Tailed, Nordwind, New Model Army, Neil Young

O: Offspring, Ozzy, Overkill, Omnia, Sinnead O`Connor, Oasis,

P: Pantera, Pearl Jam, Pennywise, Pink Floyd, Placebo, Poques, Planxty, Paddy goes to Holyhead, Tom Petty, Puddle of Mudd

Q: Queens of the Stone Age, Quietschboys, Queen,

R: Rage, Rammstein, Rage against the machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rhapsody, Rolling Stones, Running Wild, Rabenschrey, Roadrunner United, Terry Reid

S: Schandmaul, Subway To Sally, Sepultura, Streuner, Scorpions, Shock Theraphy, Slayer, Slipknot, SoulFly, Soundgarden, Sportfreunde Stiller, Staind, Stone Sour, Summoning, Sunrise Avenue, System of a Down, Sol Invictus, Simon and Garfunkel, Subways, Shelmish, Survivor, Bruce Springsteen, Silverchair, Shinedown, Sum 41, SR-71, Silverstein, Sentenced, Skillet, Smile Empty Soul

T: Taking Back Sunday, Tenacious D, Thin Lizzy, Tito & Tarantula, To Die For, Toten Hosen, Tyr, Thyrfing, Tocotronic, Toshiro Masuda, Tanzwut, 3 Doors Down, Thousand Foot Krutch, Three Days Grace, 30 Seconds to Mars, Trivium

U: U2, Ultima Thule,

V: Van Halen, Vintersorg, Vangelis, Velvet Revolver

W:Within Temptation, Walhalla, White Stripes, Tom Waits, White Silk


Y: Yggrdasil,

Z: ZZ Top, Zebrahead


O.S.T: Pulp Fiction, Lord of the Rings, 13te krieger, Starship Troopers, Platoon, Naruto, Forrest Gump, The Crow, Kill Bill, Matrix, The Last Samurai, Requiem for a Dream, Saw! eigentlich fast alle schönen melodien aus filmen ^^

andere Lieder aus verschiedenen Genres: Killing me softly, Never be the same again, Warum, Durch die Nacht, Halleluja, Techno Syndrom vol 7, Mindfields, Rebell, der letzte Ritter, Walküre, Toy Soldiers, Come with me, When I´m gone, White Flag, Ode to Oren Ishi, Shaman King theme, All good things, say it right,